May 2023 Sustainability Newsletter
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Establishing the Sustainability Front at the Technion
On March 1st, 2023, the Sustainability Front was established at the Technion, led by Prof. Avner Rothschild, who was appointed as the senior deputy for sustainability. The council of sustainability includes representatives of faculties and the operations and maintenance department. The goal of the front is to coordinate research activities, education and instruction, organizational management and achievement in sustainability topics (energy, environment, water, food, urban planning, and more), to promote and assist in the development of new initiatives, to expand and establish the scientific knowledge base, to lead processes for breakthrough technological development and to promote effective solutions for coping with the climate and environmental crisis. 
From academia to industry
Technion leads the way in developing innovative technologies that address the world's biggest and existential challenges of the global climate crisis and promotes solutions across a wide range of fields. The sustainability frontier supports the process of turning scientific breakthroughs from Technion laboratories into tangible products and technologies that can be applied in the real world. Many inventions have the potential to create real change in the fight against the global climate crisis, but scientists are not necessarily born entrepreneurs who can translate their innovations into start-up companies.
A collaboration between Technion's sustainability frontier, T3 - Technion Technology Transfer, and PLANETech organization connects Technion researchers with industry entrepreneurs to promote sustainability technologies.
The event features dozens of people and breakthrough connections. It is interesting to follow and see what the results of this event will be!
Urban Extreme Weather Hackathon
Climate change and global warming create new challenges and threats to the urban space, including heat waves, wildfires, flooding, air pollution, infrastructure collapse, and other extreme events. As part of Entrepreneurship Day at the Technion, held on May 2nd, and in collaboration between the Center for Sustainability, the Social Heating Initiative, EST, and the student association for renewable energies, a hackathon focusing on developing solutions to these problems was held.
The winners of first place received full funding for a flight and participation in the Green Challenge hackathon to be held in Denmark.
Sustainability Festival
On May 3, a sustainable day was held in collaboration with AST, which included local energy production through smoothie-making bicycles, a bicycle repair workshop and discounted replacement parts for students, vegan food stalls, a second-hand item stall by the "Moaad B" store on campus, an award-winning trivia booth sponsored by AST, the "King" project - computers for all, a student renewable energy center, an exposition booth for GFI, an international research organization in the field of food tech, Robin Food stall - food rescue, and an Animalis NGO booth. 
It's great to promote sustainability on campus! 
Science on the Bar - Sustainable Lecture Series

Science on the Bar - Sustainable Lecture Series

Nothing grows forever, so why are we convinced that our economy is?
What is economics? What is its purpose? Who are we who motivate it and what price do we pay for its service?
31.5 | 18:45 | Sign up >>

What can each and every one of us do to consume more fairly for humans and the environment?
Fair Trade Israel in an exposure lecture to our ability to influence through wise consumerism.
19:00 | 8.5
EuroTech University Sustainability Symposium
On March 28, researchers, students, and sustainability leaders from six leading universities in Europe, including the Technion, met in Paris to showcase innovative local initiatives and developments. The event featured inspiring lectures, professional panels, presentations, success stories, and poster exhibitions displaying future research ideas. 
The Technion was represented by a delegation of 12 researchers, the director of the sustainability center, doctoral candidates, and representatives of the student association, ASSAT. 

New website for the Sustainability Center
The vision of the Sustainability Center is to serve as an exemplary model for local, national and global sustainability through its education and research programs and through its organizational conduct and community behavior.
The Technion campus deals with a variety of fields under the umbrella of sustainability: energy, waste, water, ecology, transportation, research and teaching. We have gathered all the information for you under a new website. Come visit us.

Where to throw the waste?
The Technion campus has undergone a revolution in the management of the waste it produces.
Packaging, bottles, paper, electronic equipment, glass, nylons, cardboard – each type of bin has its own.
Confused which bin to throw away?
Watch the video, the Sustainability Center will put you in order!
For additional waste streams, disposal methods can be found in the waste separation booklet on campus.

Textile recycling container moved

Textile recycling container moved

Clothes, shoes, bedding, bags - everything can be transferred for recycling.
Its new location - in the parking lot opposite the complex store.
Textiles and household accessories in good condition, which can be reused, are welcome to bring to the Moed B store on campus.

A second chance for intelligent consumerism – ‘Moed Bet’ store

Technion employees in a course run by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
The company's collaboration with the Haifa Nature Protection Community and the Technion's human resources has created an amazing group of employees who have been exposed to current environmental issues and environmental action in the area, with an emphasis on legal, scientific, and social aspects.
About 20 employees enrolled in the course, learning about the climate crisis, environmental planning, biodiversity, taking ecological tours, and being exposed to various environmental initiatives. Now that the course is over, the group has decided to initiate environmental initiatives together on campus.
Due to the success, the Human Resources department has decided to offer another course.
There is something to look forward to!
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